Kråktjärn is a place, a recording studio and a label with a big heart for the little heard music.

Welcome to visit us in the deep woods of Västmanland in Sweden. Here we are totally off-grid, relying on the power of the sun, the viability of the soil, and have access to and can enjoy the rare beautiful silence the forest gives us. Here you find a place to realize your music on a record as well as space to rehears together with your band. We have our creative spaces built in small red houses with wooden floor where you can sit next to a cosy fireplace. Right outside the door we view the little lake Kråktjärn, surrounded by birch and pine. Here time does not exsist and we love the greatness that is to be found in the small things, as well as cherishing the nerdy and close expression in a single bow stroke.

Our mission and vision

We love culture with sustainability and to make your ideas and seeds grow. We are powered by the sun, and want to make our music production with less carbon prints. We use solar panel to run our studio and always look for the greenest option for all the links in the production chain. If you visit us at Kråktjärn it´s likely you are offered a vegetarian meal from our own garden and between the takes of music, you can enjoy a cup of skånerost (coffee) under the apple trees, in a mini forest of herbs or a ocean of flowers. We live close to and follow the changing of the seasons. During the winter the days become shorter, also our possibilites to record, because our studio is depending on the sun. However, in the summer, we can record around the clock. We are also mobil with our studio and can record where you wish.

Our goal is a totally sustainable studio for an environmentally fair and square music production!

Fredrik & Josefina