Make your music with us?

Our vision is to make it possible for you as an artist to realize your creative dream. We support you in the process from the first seed of idea to the finished product, with the best possible deal for you as a musician.

Here or there?

The studio is fully equipped, here at Kråktjärn, with acoustic treatment from Svanå, Skultuna. We are also mobile and used to work out on the field. We love the challenge to use the acoustic in the room as a opportunity to contribute to the sound and the music in the recording. We have the equipment to create good conditions for this, if you have a clear idea of what you are after.


Among our favorites to record acoustic music, to give the fiddle a warm and deep sound, full-bodied drone sound from a nyckelharpa or hurdy gurdy, we use Manley Gold Stereo, Pearl ELM-A or CC22. To create a softer sound we often use RIBBON MICS in Blumleinstereo. For a sparkling, cristal clear and tight sound we use DPA 4011A or AKG C12 and to create a well known sound for the voice we use AKG C12, Manley Gold or Neumann U-67.

No microphone sounds better then its preamp and here we got the fabulous exclusive preamp from NPNG, classics from Neve, well made replicas from Vintage Design and TUBE MOJO from Tube-tech and Thermionic culture.

If the dynamic needs to be tamed, there are compressors from Neve, Phoenix Audio, Tk Audio, Vintage design, Tube-tech and Thermionic culture.

We are recording with a IZ Radar studio System or with a AD/DA as Hedd Crane Song and Aurora from Lynx Audio.

We have an easy to use and stable personal monitor system from Furman for 8 musicians. The monitors in the studio are Genelec 1038, 1030 and Dynaudio Core47. Out on the field we usually bring Genelec 1030 and 8010.

Mix & Master

We have outboards as Thermionic culture Mastering Plus, Thermionic culture The Swift , Neve 33609, Tube-Tech LCA2B, CM1A, EM1A, Britcasti M7, Neumann W495 and Neumann U 473. We also have replicas of classical gears, manufactured by the well known Thomas ”TK” Kristiansson in Halmstad, with Vintage Design and more modern TKAudio.


With us you can also record your music video, simultaneously as you make your sound recording. We use a system with 5 cameras and video mixer from Blackmagicdesign.


We are happy to collaborate with Border music AB, that gives us the possibility to be heard all around the world both through streaming services as well as purchase in physical record shops. If you want to buy a CD you can find them at Bengans and Ginza. We are also keen on keeping contact with smaller radio stations all around the world, with the same passion as us, for the little heard music with a nerdy touch!

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